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Plot a Track

Basic Knowledge Requirements

Before diving into this code, here's a quick heads-up on what you'll need to be familiar with:

  1. Python Programming: It's important to have a basic grasp of Python, including plotting / visualization with the matplotlib library.
  2. Record a Track: Follow the example to record the track you will plot in this example and cover the required knowledge for that example to understand Tracks, Waypoints, & Poses.
  3. Transfer Data: Know how to transfer data from your robot to your local PC by following the data transfer section of the Recorder App Guide.

The Track Plotter Example operates as a standalone Python script, in which a Track proto message is plotted using the matplotlib library. This script takes in a pre-recorded track and plots the track.

To successfully run this example, you must use your local PC, as the example won't work if executed directly from a brain (because of the popup window).

1. Install the farm-ng Brain ADK package

2. Install the example's dependencies


It is recommended to also install these dependencies and run the example in the brain ADK virtual environment.



Create a virtual environment

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate


cd py/examples/track_plotter
pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Execute the Python script

python --track <path-to-your-track>
# Replace <path-to-your-track> to the actual file path to your track

There's an example to teach you how to record your own track here.

You should now see a matplotlib popup with a plot of your Track.


If you zoom in on the track, you will see that each waypoint is plotted as an arrow indicating the heading of the waypoint pose.


4. Code Highlights

The unpack_track function is what interacts with the Track proto to extract x & y coordinates and heading of each waypoint. This is done by converting each waypoint Pose proto to the Pose3F64 C++ class that is exposed through Pybind. We then extract the required values from this class.

def unpack_track(track: Track) -> tuple[list[float], list[float], list[float]]:
"""Unpack a track from a Track proto message into lists of x, y, and heading values.

track: (Track) The Track proto message to unpack.
x_values: (list[float]) The x values of the track.
y_values: (list[float]) The y values of the track.
headings: (list[float]) The heading values of the track.
x_values: list[float] = []
y_values: list[float] = []
headings: list[float] = []

waypoint: Pose
for waypoint in track.waypoints:
goal: Pose3F64 = Pose3F64.from_proto(waypoint)


return x_values, y_values, headings

Congrats you are done!