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File Reader Example

In this example you will learn how to upload a given log file and use it to run the file_reader example.


If you haven't already cloned the farm-ng-amiga repository, do so here.


If you already have the log file you want to run with this example you can skip to set up

Download the log file

Now you are going to download the log file that you will use in this example. Click here to download

[Optional] Make a Data folder

We are going to make a folder that will store all of our log files, including the one you just downloaded.

cd <to-your-base-directory>
mkdir <data-file>
cd <data-file>
pwd # the output of this is your <path>

# Now that the file is downloaded you will do the following

cd ~ # navigate to home directory
cd Downloads
mv events_12052022115852.bin <path-to-where-data-file-is-above> # moving the data to to data-folder

Now that you have your log file in the correct place, in your terminal navigate to where the repository farm-ng-amiga is and open Visual Studio Code.


Create first a virtual environment

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate


cd py/examples/file_reader
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run example

Specify the file (download before)

python --file-name <path-from-above>/events_12052022115852.bin

Optionally, you can change the camera that is played back from the default of oak0. E.g.,

python --file-name <path-from-above>/events_12052022115852.bin --camera-name oak1

Congratulations two videos should now pop up and play! One should be RGB and one should be disparity (it might be hidden behind the RGB window so try moving the RGB window). You have now finished running this example!

If you want another log file to run here is an example of Amiga driving in a field (click to download)


There is another tutorial that walks you through getting data directly from the Amiga here.