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AmigaOS 2.2 Dragon Fruit Release Notes

We're excited to announce the launch of AmigaOS 2.2 “Dragon Fruit!” This is a usability-focused release improving the experience for large-scale data collection, custom application development, and teach-and-repeat autonomy using Autoplot.

Note: certain bug fixes are included in the 2.2.1 patch release.

Data Collection

We've extended our suite of data collection apps with power features for large-scale collections.

  • Camera
    • Improved UX for adjusting OAK-D camera settings.
  • Recorder
    • Store user-defined metadata (key/value pairs) in log files, such as field name, crop type, or whatever else is relevant to your collection needs!
    • Split large logs into multiple chunks with a maximum file size for easier transfer.
  • File Manager
    • Preview images and inspect metadata in log files.
    • Support multiple USB drives.

Developer Experience

  • Expanded set of tutorials and example apps for building custom applications with Kivy (pure Python):
    • Camera Streamer shows how to access the OAK camera streams to perform real-time image processing. app-template
    • Virtual Joystick shows how to make the Amiga move using the canbus API. Virtual-joystick-template
  • New and updated documentation for troubleshooting custom apps, the microcontroller API, and debugging dashboard error codes.
  • More robust registration of custom apps with the launcher UI. (2.2.1)
  • The custom app template now demonstrates using an app-specific virtualenv, so that you can add additional Python packages without relying on system installs.

    As part of this change, the python manifest option has been removed, and you must use exec_cmd to specify how to run your application. See the example manifest.json.


  • While recording a track in Autoplot, you can now pause recording, delete the last waypoint(s), and resume recording. You can quickly fix errors without starting the whole track over!
  • Improved reporting when autonomy is unavailable.
    • If any preconditions for autonomous track following are not met, the "Start Following" button will pop up an explanation.
    • For developers, if the filter diverges, the reason is recorded in the FilterState proto.


Display UX

  • When the Brain display has fallen asleep, the first touch to wake it up will no longer trigger UI actions, to prevent accidental button presses. (2.2.1)

command prompt

Happy coding 😎 from the Amiga Brain Team!