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Brain v1.0


The Brain v1.0 tag here refers to the hardware version of the brain and is not mutually exclusive with Amiga OS software versioning.



Find additional information and purchasing options at: Brain product page

Brain overview video

deprecation warning

This is out-of-date for brains running v2.x Amiga OS software.
This video only applies to brains running Amiga OS v1.x versions.

Features overview


The farm-ng Brain is an Alpha level product subject to change. Not all features are fully tested and validated.

The farm-ng Brain brings supercomputer performance to the edge, in a ruggedized packaged designed for the harshest environments. The Brain contains a NVIDIA Xavier NX which has up to 21 TOPS of hardware accelerated computing power for machine learning and AI applications, and paired it with a touch-screen display designed to be outdoor-visible, creating both a user-interface and sensor hub in a single, waterproof package. This provides quick entry into the world of artificial intelligence, and a single packaged solution for developing tools and interfaces for outdoor autonomy.

Includes CAN bus, USB, and GIGe ethernet bus options.

Brain assembly

Input power12/24 volts (9-28vdc)
Power consumption
Screen10.1" High brightness (850cd/m2) optically bonded IPS display, 1280x800 resolution
TouchIndustrial capacitive touch screen controller, tunable for gloves and wet environment (Tuning requires customization). Multitouch capable
Environmental ratingIP64 (As of this design iteration)
USB2x USB 3.0 (Limited by MicroUSB connectors), Debug connector contains USB for firmware and serial terminal.
Network1 x M12-8 with 1Gb ethernet capability. Built in WiFi.

Xavier computer

CPU6-core 64-bit CPU, NVIDIA Carmel ARMv8.2
GPU384-core NVIDIA Volta GPU
Memory8 GB 128-bit LPDDR4x 59.7GB/s
WiFiIntegrated WiFi with OS drivers



Xavier provides the following connectors and button for IO

  • Power button is used for powering up and down the embedded computer
  • Debug is for interacting and updating with the OS (See information on debug connector)
  • CAN / Power connector provides 12/24 volts and CAN interface
  • ACC USBs are two accessory USBs (as of the early version of the display are USB 2.0 Micro USB connectors) that allow attaching USB devices
  • Ethernet X coded M12 ethernet connection


CAN/Power Input

Mating connector M12-5 A code female

PINDescriptionTypical Wire ColorNotes
1ShieldBare/GreenShould only be grounded at one end
2Supply +24vdcRedfarm-ng uses 24v
4CAN_HighWhiteNeeds at least one termination, and two devices to function.
5CAN_LowBlueNeeds at least one termination, and two devices to function.



See information on debug cable here: Debug Cable Overview

Mating connector M12-8 A code female

Debug wire colors based on common cable with flying leads used on farm-ng built debug kits.

PINDescriptionTypical Wire ColorNotes
2TTL RX (3.3v)BrownConnect to TX of interface
3TTL TX (3.3v)GreenConnect to RX of interface
4USB D-Yellow
5UDB D+Gray