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AmigaOS 2.1 Clementine Release Notes

We're excited to announce the launch of AmigaOS 2.1 “Clementine,” a significant update packed with enhancements and optimizations for the Amiga. This release refines the experience and fortifies the platform with a suite of new features for both everyday users and developers.

Data Collection

  • Camera Preview and Control: Introducing a brand-new Camera app designed for live streaming and recording, complete with a user-friendly settings management interface. Screenshot from 2023-12-18 14-16-57
  • Copy to USB: With automatic USB drive mounting and a redesigned File Manager, conveniently move your data logs for offboard analysis and manage your disk space. Screenshot from 2023-12-07 16-22-41

Developer Experience

  • Custom Kivy Apps: Back by popular demand, AmigaOS 2.1 now supports custom application development with Kivy. We've ported the beloved AmigaOS 1.0 Artichoke Kivy examples to the sleek and efficient AmigaOS 2.1 Clementine environment, ensuring your favorite custom apps run smoother than ever.

    If you are porting an existing Kivy app from AmigaOS 1.0, then check out our migration guide!

    Create a new templated repository
  • Expanded Documentation: Dive into our updated guides with examples on plotting tracks, registering custom apps with the Brain launcher UI, and understanding the intricacies of the manifest for seamless service/app integration. zoomer_track
  • Performance Metrics: Gain deeper insights into your Amiga's performance with real-time metrics on memory usage and CPU load, allowing you to optimize your operations.

Autonomy Improvements

  • Autoplot App Enhancements: We've squashed bugs that previously hindered the app experience. Breadcrumbs now display correctly, the app no longer crashes or delays when selecting a track, and recording a new track is flawless, even at high speeds.
  • Enhanced GPS Functionality: Our improved GPS service now automatically reconnects to a base station, ensuring uninterrupted, precise geolocation capabilities.

System Performance

  • UI Responsiveness: We've optimized our launcher UI on the Brain display, delivering you a snappier interface and smoother interactions across the board.
  • OTA Updates: The updater service now calculates deltas more efficiently and will reuse data fetched during a previously aborted download, for quicker and more reliable updates.

command prompt

Happy coding 😎 from the Amiga Brain Team!