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Intelligence Kit Overview


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The Amiga Intelligence Kit is a comprehensive system designed for developers and researchers seeking to add to their Amiga's capabilities for exploration, data collection and more.

What's Included


The farm-ng Brain brings supercomputer performance to the edge in a ruggedized package designed for the harshest environments. The Brain with a NVIDIA Xavier NX offers up to 21 TOPS, while the Brain with a NVIDIA Orin NX offers up to 100 TOPS of hardware-accelerated computing power for machine learning and AI applications.


The kit includes a dual-band GPS antenna that connects directly to the Brain, along with an RTK-capable GPS module located within the Brain and linked to the GPS antenna via an SMA connector. This RTK GPS can deliver centimeter-level location information for real-time positioning and navigation applications when combined with a RTK base station.

For further reference, check out the datasheet of our GPS module.

NOTE: To receive RTK corrections, the robot must be connected to a RTK base station. Make sure to read the requirements of our GPS service to know more.


The kit includes a pair of high quality waterproof Luxonis OAK-D cameras in ruggedized cases. These cameras use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for communication and power, ensuring a stable and efficient connection. The M12 X-Coded Ethernet to A-coded cable connectors are designed for secure and reliable connection.

PoE Switch

This device allows you to connect the Cameras, Brain and RTK-GPS module to the Amiga. It includes 6 ports to allow connection of 4 smart cameras.

Additional Hardware

  1. Debug Cable
  2. Mast Hardware
  3. Protective Case


Got Questions?

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