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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Amiga Quick Start Guide

This guide will get you started using your Amiga as soon as possible!

Click on the video below to get an overview of the Amiga robot.

Your purchase of an Amiga robot will include the following items:

  • Two batteries
  • Battery charging kit
  • Debug cable (only included with Brain)
  • Service cable


Be sure to insert both battery packs in their respective locations on the Amiga.


It is good practice to have both batteries plugged in and on at the same time when powering the Amiga even though the Amiga can operate with only one battery



While operating the Amiga:

  • Do not stand in front of the Amiga
  • Have Amiga on flat surface
  • Have both batteries inserted and powered

Starting the Amiga

First ensure the ESTOP is fully pressed down before operating anything on the Amiga

ezgif com-gif-maker 3

Once both batteries are installed with their respective keys, plug the IEC power cables into both batteries, then turn the key to a horizon position to start Amiga.

You should see the farm-ng logo appear then the START/VAMOS screen.

ezgif com-gif-maker 4 (1)

Once that has appeared, release ESTOP and wait a few seconds.

Press / Tap START and the dashboard will appear.


Video that overviews the full dashboard below.

Calibrate the pendant

It is required to calibrate you pendant when you first start setup of your Amiga, and anytime you replace the pendant.

  • Before testing pendant, you should press physical ESTOP so the Amiga does not drive while testing.

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To do this you will need to go to the:

  • Settings tab --> Pendant --> Calibrate Pendant

  • If ESTOP screen appears, tap “CLEAR ESTOP”

  • If other error message appears, try a power cycle by turning the Amiga on and off.

  • If problem persists please submit an issue with us here.

Overview the Brain

deprecation warning

This is out-of-date for brains running v2.x Amiga OS software.
This video only applies to brains running Amiga OS v1.x versions.

Now you are ready to use your Amiga