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Camera Streamer Overview


This tutorial builds off of the Tutorial Introduction, so please check that out if you have not already.

This example application and tutorial is designed to get you started developing your own basic applications and deploying them to the Amiga brain.

On the brain, there are multiple gRPC services running in the background, including an oak camera service per camera device on your Amiga. You will see how to interact with one of these services through the camera client in a basic kivy application, using gRPC and asyncio in that application.

The topics covered in this tutorial include:

  • Creating kivy applications
  • GRPC / asyncio application development
  • Streaming an Oak camera with the camera client

Block diagram

flowchart BT; subgraph kivy_window direction LR ImageTexture end subgraph AmigaOS OakCameraServices CanbusService end subgraph CameraStreamerApp OakCameraClient -- decoded jpeg --> ImageTexture end subgraph OakCameraServices direction LR Oak0 Oak1 Oak2 Oak3 end Oak0 -- streamFrames rpc --> OakCameraClient