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Three Point Lift Installation Guide

This guide is a step by step instruction on how to assemble the farm-ng three point lift.


If you are missing any necessary pieces, please contact farm-ng immediately.

Included Hardware

  1. 24 Carriage bolts 3/8" by 1 1/4"
  2. 24 Flat Washers 3/8"
  3. 24 Nylon Insert Locknut 3/8"
  4. 4 Hex Cap Screw 5/8" x 3"
  5. 12 Flat Washers 5/8"
  6. 2 Hex Cap Screw 5/8 x 2 1/4"
  7. 6 Hex Nut 5/8"

Tools needed

  1. Socket wrenches
  2. Socket sizes above
  3. Needle nose pliers for bending the cotter pins on the top cylinder connection.


  1. Mount the 3 point brackets centered on the Amiga cross bars using universal clamps and related hardware.

  2. Mount to the 3 point backplate to the brackets in the following way.

  3. Mount the upper 3 point linkage to the 3point back plate.

  4. Secure the arm brackets to the 3 point backplate.

  5. Connect the upper 3 point linkage to the arm brackets with the adjustable lift arms.

  6. Connect the turnbuckles to the arm links and the 3 point backplate.

  7. Connect the 3point cylinder actuator to back plate and the upper 3point linkage.

  8. Attach the adjustable top link to the 3 point backplate.

  9. In the fork closest to the dashboard, add T to the existing E-stop connection.

  10. Attach a CAN cable to the CAN hub.

  11. Connect E-stop and CAN cables to H-bridge bringing power to it from the main harness.

  12. Connect power to the 3point cylinder ( please note lower connection).

  13. Your result should represent the image below.