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Welcome to the Amiga Development Kit

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In this website you will find the full context of our ADK repository, including documentation, tutorials, & the development kit API.

documentation guide

To familiarize yourself and enhance your experience with the Amiga we recommend the following workflow:

  • Read this introduction. It will give you a thorough understanding of what the Amiga is and what you can do with it.
  • Get acquainted with the base platform and all its components by going to our Quick Start Guide.
  • Got an Intelligence Kit and want to know more about it? Check our Intelligence Kit Overview.
  • Learn to access the Amiga Brain (SSH) remotely by visiting our Access and Develop on the Brain page.
  • Explore the services (e.g., GPS, Canbus, Recorder) running on your Amiga Brain in our Development 101 page.
  • Collect sensor data, organize it, and learn to manipulate it with our Brain Examples!
  • Ready to build and deploy your own custom Apps to the Amiga? Check out the Developing Custom Applications page.

Video walkthrough

For a walk through of this website watch the following video!

The Amiga

The Amiga is a comprehensive toolset of hardware and software developed by farm-ng to empower farmers, hackers, engineers, roboticists, and anyone with a vision to create ruggedized, waterproof, outdoor robotic rover applications.


We love making tools and support a community of customizations and expansions which we will maintain forever. We will support you and hopefully inspire you to make the Amiga uniquely yours.

Please visit the farm-ng website, to schedule a demo or to purchase the Amiga robot.

If you would like to purchase additional hardware components for your Amiga, please visit our attachments page. Additional products can be found on our Developers page.


The Amiga Development Kit

The Amiga Microcontroller Kit, is the best entry point to get started building custom applications for their Amiga robot.


We have a constantly expanding library of thorough examples covering both software and hardware. For guidance and inspiration on your next project, visit our code examples repository on Github farm-ng/amiga-dev-kit.