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Welcome to the Amiga Development Kit

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In this website you will find full context on our ADK repository, including documentation, tutorials, & the development kit API.


For a walk through of this website watch the following video!

The Amiga

The Amiga is a toolset of hardware and software built by farm-ng to enable farmers, hackers, engineers, roboticists, or anyone with a vision of creating ruggedized, waterproof, outdoor robotic rover applications.


We love making tools, and built the Amiga robot to empower and inspire farmers, engineers, hackers, communities, or anyone with a vision to make it their own. The Amiga is a platform, community, and ecosystem of components built to customize the Amiga, extend it, and maintain it forever.

If you're just now learning about farm-ng and the Amiga robot, you should start by checking out the farm-ng website, to get an introduction to the Amiga robot.

Some of our Amiga development kit hacking projects have been hardened and listed as products on the amiga-attachments page. And we have additional products to help hackers get started available on our For Developers page.


The Amiga Development Kit

Buy the Amiga Development Kit, which is the best hardware option for hackers to get started with building custom applications for their Amiga robot. See the coding index for how to load, run and develop code on the microcontroller.

We have a constantly expanding library of thorough examples, covering software and hardware, to provide guidance and inspiration for your next project! The code for these examples live in the farm-ng/amiga-dev-kit Github repository.